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Music for a traditional wedding usually includes:

Prelude Music: This is 20 to 25 minutes of background music while your guests are being seated. I am sometimes asked to provide only the prelude music when another musician is providing the rest of the music, or when the policy of the venue requires that musicians associated with the venue provide the ceremony music. For example, some churches require the ceremony music to be provided by the church's music ministers.

Bridal Party Processional: This music is played as the bridesmaids, flower girls and any other special attendants process down the aisle.

Bride's Processional: This music is played as the bride processes down the aisle. It can be a continuation of the music played for the bridal party, or it can be a different piece of music.

Interlude: This is music played during the ceremony if desired. Possibilities include:

Lighting of the Unity Candle

Rose Ceremony/Greeting the Parents

Sign of Peace


Prayer to the Holy Family


Nuptial Mass parts - Psalm, responses, etc.

Recessional: The music played as the bride and groom process out of the church.

Postlude Music: This is 10 minutes of background music after the wedding ceremony as people leave. This can be longer if there is a receiving line in the church that will take more than 10 minutes.

Catholic Weddings: I am happy to work with your cantor to provide music for Mass parts.

Wedding Rates:

The basic rate for a Wedding Ceremony is $185. This includes all of the above. Additional charges for travel, outdoor wedding, and extra rehearsals may apply. Travel fee to Cedar Rapids is $20. A deposit of $50 is required. The deposit is non-refundable starting three months prior to the wedding date except in special circumstances. The deposit will be paid with the return of a signed contract - see below.


Harp music can add the perfect atmosphere to special events such as anniversaries, celebrations, special church services, parties, and teas.

Event Rates:

The rate for events is $150 for the first hour. There is a travel fee for venues outside the Iowa City area. Travel fee to Cedar Rapids is $20. A deposit of $50 is required at the signing of the contract. The deposit is non-refundable starting three months prior to the event date.


If you decide to book a wedding or an event, you will be sent two copies of my contract signed by me. Sign and return one contract along with the deposit to hold your date.

Outdoor Events:

Outdoor events require a flat surface in the shade or a covered area. Harps are expensive instruments and need to be protected from inclement weather. In case of inclement weather, another alternate site must be available. Conditions that would be hard on the harp will also be hard on the guest. Inclement weather includes temperatures above 90F or below 60F, rain, high winds, and severe storm warnings.

Last Minute Bookings:

It is best to book your wedding or event as far in advance as possible. However, I do occasionally have space in my calendar for the last minute wedding or event. Just ask!

Weddings and Events

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